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Many thanks to all the owners who have sent in their pictures for this page

If you would like to contribute to this page all I ask is that the pictures have been taken by the owner of the vehicle.

If you have pictures of Ferrets in service I would welcome pictures of those as well. What I do not want are pictures that have been published in a book as it creates all sorts of problems that I can do without, copy write being just one them.

Just to be clear on that point just because you own the book does not mean that you own the copy write or the pictures!

All new pictures appear at the top of the page.


I can be contacted using the following emails just replace the at with @

ferrettkittatyahoo.co.uk and contactatferret-fv701.co.uk


Steve Miller








The Military Vehicle Trust Display Team perform this 'Ferret' musical routine at the Queens Jubilee Hyde Park celebrations.


Team Leader - Barry Read

2nd Leader - Gordon Beale

Ferret 1 - Ron Dawson & Riett Brown

Ferret 2 - Shane Potts, Lucy Ann and Amy Potts

Ferret 3 - Kevin Browne & Jacqueline Ford

Ferret 4 - George Jackson & Caroline Jackson

Ferret 5 - Peter Bird & Sean Crompton

Ferret 6 - Michael Laouada & Patrick Lousada

Arena Technical Crew - Les Dash, Chloe Dash & Robert O'Brian

Cameras - Chris Jordan & James Pugh



Kevin Browne



Pictures taken January 2013





Rick Wesselink


Gold Beach, Oregon USA







No comment from me on that colourful fuel tank honest no comment lol !




Ricks next project Fox 09FD82 nice!!



Aidan Darcy




I have restored the ferret to running condition. The main problem was the brakes, when I was restoring the vehicle I found a lot of rounds of ammo, old badges and German money dated 1966. In the engine bay I washed out 1 1/2 buckets of fine white sand with very large snails . 04CC04 date in service is July 1959, contract number 5/fv/19260. Started service with 26th ARMD ENGR SQN BAOR, then 26th ENG SQN RE BAOR, then 26th FD REGT RA BAOR and finally the 1 RHA (Royal Horse Artillery) BAOR. It then served with the 40th FD RA regiment joined with 7th Armoured Battle Group which would support the Stafford Regt in the first gulf war. Sold off in 1995






Robert Soar


Hayling Island



James Davies




In service in Aden along with 01DC14, 86BA57 and Stalwart 24EK67

Pictures below courtesy of the Tank Museum



Mike Haberthur

00 DA 81

Reno, Nevada, USA



Dent Boykin


Mobile, Alabama, USA



Interesting mod I hope it works!!



USS  Alabama (BB -60) in the background very similar to the Iowa class battleships in initial appearance



John Knobel


Massachusetts, USA



Richard Cooper





Colin Rixon









Adam Nanney




Ivo Drzanc








Achim Armbrüster

Frankfurt Germany


Built as a MK1/2 in 1962 converted into a MK2/3 in 2009










Ron Struble



Alvin McCall


Katy Texas



Simon Mallett




Jim McNease




Ross Bannon




I have to say that this is one of the worst Ferrets that I have ever seen in regards to its original condition as purchased for restoration. The end result can only be described as stunning.


This was how Ross purchased 00DD24 as a burnt out wreck. I remember seeing this vehicle on Milweb and thought at the time that the Ferret would only be used for parts recovery. How wrong I was!



Its rough













Oh so nearly finished







Looking good



Andrew S




The picture above is from 1964 in Borneo, 06CC12 is the Ferret in the background of the picture.  At the time 06CC12 was with C squadron of the Queens Royal Irish Hussars under the 17th Ghurkha division (hence the cat symbol).


As it is now








Roderick Angus Mathie





Hans Bottema 00EC71





The pictures where taken at a show in the Netherlands called Bussum Bridgehead


Tony Cosgrove 00DA79







Ken Wales 03CC17

Queensland Australia



Simon Dawson 00EC18

Sandy, Bedfordshire UK



Peter Tatum 02CC20





A few more pictures of 02CC20 under rebuild


Brad Mills 02DA45





Carl N Finley



Pictured during Mardi Gras 2010



John Somerscales

N. Lincolnshire

MK2 04CC40




Rodney Higgs

You already have piccies of 01DA05 (not submitted by me I might add!) but that vehicle has been partially renovated back to Bronze green.

I and a friend own the Mk1 35BA33 and the Mk2 01DA05, both of which are runners!  The other MK2 03CC80 belongs to The Royal Military Police Museum and was a gate guardian for many years but seems to be re-storable to running order which we have just commenced on the Museums behalf.


Mk 2 01DA05



MK1 35BA33



MK2 03CC80 belongs to The Royal Military Police Museum



Ricardo Carter

Mk 1/2 converted to a Mk 2

I obtained the history from Bovington which states Date in service Jan 1963.  The interesting thing about her is that it has a rotating turret, not the usual fixed turret.   The conversion was carried out by the Army on the 11/6/1981.  It spent most of its life with the Royal Artillery last being the 49th Field Regiment RA. 






Peter Hall (Since been sold)


16th / 5th Lancers pennon proudly flying!



David Boxall

Ferret MK1 05CC22

Berlin urban camouflage. Nice!!




Jim Davies (since been sold)

Ferret MK1 02CC12


Picture taken in approximately 1979 Dave Lewis ex 1st Royal Tank Regiment.



A recreation in February 2010 just a few years apart!



Jim has been extremely lucky to find not just one in service picture but two pictures!

02CC12 is in the background of this picture below.



Dave Lewis ex 1st Royal Tank Regiment.



John Sellers

Ferret Mk1/2 00EC25



Rob Dove

Ferret MK 2/3 fitted with a Sofim Diesel Engine





Johnny Brydon


Project vehicle as rebuilt by Alvis in the early 1980's and is fitted with an Italian vm diesel engine. The rear body work has been modified to fit the engine and the exhaust exits out of the left hand side rather than the usual right hand side.





Anthony Wade

Ferret MK 2/5 03CC28

Date of Manufacture July 1958 In service November 1960 and out of service January 1985

 Contract Number 6/FV19260


            History Jan  61 -68 ..4 field Squadron BAOR , Jan 69  to Apr 70 ..14/20 Kings Hussars N/Ireland

Sep 70 to July 74 .. Antwerp BAOR, Oct 74 to March 84 .. Cyprus

March 84 to Jan 85  ..Vehicle disposal  Salisbury

I have owned the vehicle for the last two years




Peter Wong





The rather attractive lady in pictures is Yana Schlenker standing with Peter below.




Mark Burley







Marc van Aalderen


Veenendaal The Netherlands

It was built in May 1959 and was bought two years ago in its present condition



David Liang


New Orleans, Louisiana America




Keith Hembley


Bournemouth, England




Ferret taken at Horndean Solent Overlord SOE 2009...or on the way to....I only broke down twice...but got there in the end.




Mateusz Zmyslony


Cracow, Poland



Down and dirty in a Ferret






Wet going



Eat my DUST!






Markus Schaffrinna







Timothy and Timothy's Ferret

Polegate East Sussex



Sabre Corporate Development



Australia 115238 - 87BA41





Ferret at RSL (Aust. Returned and Services League) fundraiser and also 2/14 Light Horse Regiment headgear


115238 served with 2/14 Light Horse Regiment QMI of the Royal Australian Armoured Corps.  It remained with the Regiment until 2004 where it was still being used for ceremonial events such as ANZAC day parades.  It sat alongside its more modern counterparts (ASLAV and 113 vehicles) as a reminder of RAAC history and progression of vehicle technology.  It was acquired directly from the Regiment by Sabre Corporate Development (one of the Directors being a former member of the Regiment) for corporate event work on military themed team development events and also for community work with RSL Clubs etc.  It is maintained in its Australian military vehicle cammo pattern at time of retirement and a mixture of old and recent internal radio harness etc reflecting its long period of service with RAAC since the 1960’s.


Robin Payne

Ferret MK 1 33BA07


I bought the Ferret in Leeds in May 2005 from a man who had in turn bought the vehicle from Withams in April 1994. The Ferret was and is in very good condition and seems to have survived Army life quite well. The mileage when bought was 970 miles it is now 2601 miles. It gets its chance to mud plug on a regular basis, no longer a garage queen. The vehicle bares the insignia of the 5 Innis DG. I was at a show and a man studied the Army history cards pointed out the 5 Innis DG to me and returned the next day with the emblems, he had served in Cyprus in the late 1960's early 1970's.








Alfie & Dawn Montgomery

Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland

Ferret MK1/2 02CC56






Ferret MK1/2 00EC02








Ferret MK2/3 00DA26



In service picture supplied by Robert Dove



Shane Potts Sussex

Ferret MK1 32BA80





Ferret MK 2/3 03BB63

This ferret belongs to 901 troop marine cadet Winterton on sea





Martin Smith

Ferret MK1 34BA28 and has just sold his MK2/3 Ferret 01DC16 


MK2/3 01DC16




 01DC16 history from Bovingdon





MK1 34BA28



Is this vehicle formerly a MK2/2 which has been converted back to a MK1?








34BA28 history from Bovingdon




Badger Group's Ferrets in Holland

Pictures courtesy of Rene Westendorp


Click the picture for a new page to open with all Badger Groups Pictures




William Bannister MK 2/4

Pictures from Beltring 2007






Nic Kent MK 2/3 03CC37





Przem MK1 02CC66





Nicholas Rose Ferret MK2 04CC22

Pictures courtesy of Dave Rose




Left to right

04CC12, 03CC72, 03CC42, 00EA76 & 05CC16


Two Versions of the same picture, the picture directly below is the larger version.





Mick Brookes Ferret MK1 02CC13 Uttoxeter Staffs

From this to.....



Notice the position of the Number Plate in the last picture






To this




Matthew Taylor






Bo Bergmann Christensen MK 2/3 (VHF) 01DC76

Odense Denmark


My Ferret has lived most of its "life" in Germany with the Royal Engineers. Coming back from the first Gulf War it was sold to the Belgian Company 'SABIEX' along with 250 other Ferrets of different marks. 'SABIEX' thought they could fix the cars up a bit and sell them to Africa - but no one was interested. So the Ferrets stayed in Belgium stored outdoors from 1993 to 2003 when I bought mine (some are still there). It looked bad and the bins and mudguards were badly rusted, but the car was original and untouched and technically sound. It took me two years to restore it, working on and off.

I have restored it as it looked during service with 4 FD SQN RE, which is part of 7th Armoured Brigade - hence the dessert rat on the hull. 01DC76 is now "living" with me in the town of  Odense in Denmark. There are about 5 Ferrets in the country all privately owned.  The Ferret was only used by the Danish Army during UN - service on Cyprus. Ferrets were loaned to us by the British.







A few more pictures from Bo Bergmann Christensen


Driving through the City streets of Odense with 00EC65 in front and with Bo driving 01DC76 this August 2008.



On display in front of the garrison museum in Odense and the town center




00EC65 served with The Queens Royal Irish Hussars



Steve Walling Mk 1/2 18EA10

Birkenhead England



As bought



Nearly finished





Justin Legg MK2/3 00DD46 Clansman equipped

Bridgend South Wales





Change of colour





Justin Legg MK2/3 05CC14 Clansman equipped

Bridgend South Wales





Glyn MK 2/3 02CC52

Londonderry Northern Ireland




This was owned by Robert Dove it has since been sold on E-Bay

Ferret MK 2/3 34BA47



Restoration of 34BA47 started by a previous owner





Re-fitting of parts by Rob






Finished at last!






Grahame Robinson & Ferret MK1 33BA06

Surrey England

Built in 1951 date in service 1953 served with 13/18th Royal Hussars (Queen Marys own) it then went into storage. It then served with A squadron Royal Wiltshire Regt (T.A) until being released in 1987.





   Pictures below taken at Beltring 2008 by ACF




Nick Blackburne

Near Belfast in Northern Ireland

Pictured in June 2007 (a rare bit of sunshine)?





John Danker MK 1/2

Netherlands Assen






Bob Hill MK 2/3 02DA63

(Bob has since sold his Ferret onto another collector)

America Hayward Minnesota










Steve Socha MK 1/2 00EA19

America Omaha Nebraska






Many thanks to all the Ferret owners who have sent in pictures of their vehicles for this page


All pictures are owned (copyrighted) by the original senders and can not be used without the express permission of said owner.  I have used any pictures provided in good faith. Contact Andy with any copyright issues at contact@ferret-fv701.co.uk

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